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Update 1890 HU SLDA

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...cine doreste sa ofere spatiu de share...am incercat aici dar nu merge...

SX4 S-CROSS (AKK series) BOSCH SLDA unit originally installed
VITARA (APK series) BOSCH SLDA unit originally installed
(For the Software Version, see “4. PART INFORMATION”.)
(1) The following operations have been improved by software Ver. 1890/1790.
- Turning off the engine with USB media source selected may cause SLDA to reboot
repeatedly on the next boot.
- There are mistakes in the translation of the setting items when “French” is selected.
(2) The following operations have been improved by past software update.
a) Accurate current vehicle position was not displayed.
b) Picture from the rear-view camera was improperly displayed.
c) Touch panel operation might become impossible when inserting USB memory.
d) SLDA did not switch on/off, restarted automatically and froze due to failure of task process.
e) SLDA restarted when searching POI.
f) Clock time manually set was automatically reset.
g) CarPlay may not correct automatically when starting up system.
h) SLDA unit may freeze, when connecting the mobile phone (music is not contained) via
Bluetooth and then selecting Bluetooth audio in MODE button on steering wheel remote
i) While driving at night, the screen may become bright for a moment.
j) Icon of TA (Traffic Announcement) may display “x” (“x” means that the function is not
available), though TA in radio (FM, DAB) recognizes the broadcast station. (P02, P2, P90
k) When driving at the altitude between 1,000m and 1,999m, ‘1km’ message is displayed in
screen at all times.
l) Music operation may become impossible after playing the last number in music folder
under the condition that Repeat function is off.
m) During use of Voice Control, Call<Contact> in main menu may be grayed out, though mobile
terminal device that supports Voice Control is connected.
n) SLDA may reboot repeatedly, when connecting via Bluetooth a mobile phone whose phone
book have particular character such as “.”, “-“, “_” etc.
Operation software of SLDA has been improved.



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L-am urcat aici - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak8lF2DipdOFZ9FIfGYxgaoKg2w?e=8sekP3

Fiind pe site-ul BOSCH pot cere oare la dealer sa faca update?


Dacă nu îl au ei acolo în service NU. Am întrebat eu și sunt în urmă rău. Ultimul update al celor de la Expocar Constanța este 1870.


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